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Young World

Physical Education Program

 Knowing from the start that this program needed to be more than an exercise program or "supervised recess,” Young World hired qualified college graduates to teach physical education classes and established a professional program
with the highest standards.

From this one school start, our reputation grew quickly and we were soon creating physical education programs for other local schools in the Boston Diocese based on their individual wants and needs. In a few short years, Young World was providing PE teachers to schools in the Worcester and Fall River Dioceses and crossed the boarders to teach in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Through all this expansion we have never lost sight of our core mission of providing a top quality physical education program!


Today, more than 80 schools trust Young World to deliver on our promise to strengthen the physical education experience to their students, K-12. Whether our teachers are new graduates or long time employees, they are all expected to be prepared to teach and are regularly evaluated by our Field Supervisors who, collectively, have decades of PE teaching experience.  Our Field Supervisors ensure the teacher is providing the most beneficial and rewarding PE program to your students. Teacher evaluations are done with every supervisor’s visit to help maintain a successful and a stress free student/teacher environment. 



Testimonies From Our Customers

"Young World is a wonderful organization for our school.  Each year, I have a qualified PE teacher who  gives my students a productive and fun gym day.  I have found the Young World staff to be professional, capable and a tremendous resource.  Hiring Young World was one of the smartest decisions I have made as a Principal."



                           St. John Paul Catholic Academy - Neponset


"Young World PE … what a creative, comprehensive, enthusiastic and client friendly addition to our curriculum at St. Joseph School.  Our teacher and the program staff are top notch!"



                                     St. Joseph School, Webster, MA


"I am more than satisfied with the Young World PE Program.  Our students look forward to gym, they say it’s the best day of the week!"



                         St. Stephen School, Worcester, MA


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